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PRODUTECH-PTI: New Processes and Innovative Technologies for the Production Technologies Industry


To research, design and develop new technologies, advanced processes and innovative business models for the production technologies industry.

The project focus on key research topics and aims to achieve new methodologies, advanced solutions and industrial breakthroughs, and to contribute to the deployment of the building blocks for the sustainable competitiveness of the Portuguese production technology industry.By addressing to the set up and definition of new business models and by deploying advanced tools for the design and development of new products, systems and services,  this project aims to provide production technology companies with new methodological tools and technologies that will enhance their performance and market distinctiveness.

This project has the following structure:

> Dissemination, coordination and management

> Business models and support tools


  • To provide for the design and implementation of new business models in the production technology industry; identification of good practices and development of tools that support companies in the design and implementation of innovative business models; capacity building in terms of the evaluation of business models and their suitability according to market specifics

R&D Topics:

  • New business models (cooperation models, services and products integration, etc.), including design and implementation support tools

> Advanced tools for the development of new products, systems and services


  • Development of advanced methodologies and tools for the engineering design of new products, systems and services; special focus on: (1) eco-design and eco-efficiency, (2) engineering design, modelling and simulation of production systems, (3) methodologies and support tools for the development of “all-in-one” systems

R&D Topics:

  • Advanced tools for the development of products and systems
  • Integration of eco-design and eco-efficiency methodologies in the design, engineering and development of production equipment and systems
  • Tools and applications for the modelling and simulation of production systems
  • Methodologies and support tools for the design and implementation of “all-in-one” machine concepts

> Peripheral systems and applications for flexible and mobile robotics


  • Development of technologies, that significantly enhance the efficiency and efficacy levels of robotized solutions used on production systems

R&D Topics:

  • Rapid programming and control of industrial robots and manipulators
  • Flexible robotic systems
  • Mobile robotics technologies


ADIRA, AZEVEDOS INDÚSTRIA, CATIM, CEI, CENI, CENTIMFE, CITEVE, EFACEC, INEGI, INESC PORTO, ISQ, Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, SISTRADE, SOFTI9, TEGOPI, Universidade de Aveiro, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, M. J. AMARAL, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal.

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