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PRODUTECH-PSI: New Products and Services for the Manufacturing Industry


To research, design and develop new products and advanced services that in the future will be marketed by companies of the Portuguese Production Technology Cluster.

The project focus on key research topics, forwarding advances beyond the state-of-the art, and aims the development of a new generation of production technology systems, solutions, products and services. The delivery of innovative, flexible, integrated and competitive solutions to the client sectors from the manufacturing industry will enable product differentiation, market distinctiveness and a solid ground for the sustainability of the Production Technology Industry.

The project has the following structure:

> Dissemination, coordination and management

> Intelligent production systems


  • Design and development of a set of tools (software components) that are to be embedded in production equipment, endowing them with higher efficiency and autonomy levels

R&D Topics:

  • Interactive training
  • Maintenance management (monitoring and self-diagnosis, remote maintenance)
  • Energy management
  • Common platform supporting the integration, interconnection and interoperability of the systems and applications that are to be developed in the above mentioned topics

> Flexible and efficient production systems


  • Development of methodological and technical solutions to support the monitoring and the management of production systems’ availability and to minimize downtimes due to setups or tool change

R&D Topics:

  • Systems for loading and unloading, for part detection and fixation and for rapid tool change, in order to reduce setup times
  • Development of methodologies and tools to support the monitoring and the management of the availability of production systems

> Operations management and logistics for customized products


  • Design and development of tools and systems addressing, in full, to the challenges of a cost efficient manufacturing of competitive customized products

R&D Topics:

  • New production system’s architectures
  • Flexible internal logistics systems and solutions
  • Advanced scheduling systems
  • New methodologies and tools for quality control

> Networked production systems


  • Developments enabling networking and the coordinated/integrated operation of production systems, industrial equipment and information systems

R&D Topics:

  • Standards, protocols, architectures and tools enabling systems integration
  • Advanced solutions supporting product identification and traceability throughout supply chains using RFID

> Energetic and environmental efficiency of production systems


  • Development of eco-efficiency evaluation tools and systems for the integrated management of renewable energy sources

R&D Topics:

  • Tools for the characterisation and improvement of production systems’ eco-efficiency
  • Integration of renewable energy sources into production systems


ACONTROL, ADIRA, AZEVEDOS INDÚSTRIA, BRESIMAR, CATIM, CEI, CENI, CENTIMFE, CEVALOR, CITEVE, COLEP, CREATIVESYSTEMS, CTCOR, CTCP, CTCV, CTIC, EFACEC, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, FELINO, IDEPA, INEGI, INESC PORTO, INOCAM, ISQ, Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, KAIZEN Institute Portugal, Fortunato O. Frederico & Cª Lda (Kyaia), MICROPROCESSADOR, Oficina de Soluções Informáticas, PHC, PRONORMA, SILAMPOS, SILVA E FERREIRA LDA, SISTRADE, SOFTI9, SONAE INDÚSTRIA, TEGOPI, Universidade de Aveiro, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, VANGUARDA.

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